Monday, December 28, 2009

HERE COME THE CLOWNS_'The Unfinished Ladies'

It's too late for her Wedding,
It's too early for her funeral.
I don't know what to do...

SKETCHBOOK_my doings...

Been trying to make myself draw and illustrate more lately and paint less for a while.
It's been forcing me to focus and try and find some form of disciple, consistency and patience.
(three things I admittedly lack)

'Snow White'

Revisiting old styles and forming new lines. Still 'having fun' with the paint and the process and scribbling with the pen and ink and colour pencils.

'Fancy Yellow Lady' 'White'

(I LIKE COLOUR PENCILS… More what a pretty piece the make on my desk against my newly green walls than the actual use of them but either way I like them..)

Pretty Things,
Fancy Clown,
An obsession with colour,

Fancy Things,

Shiny Things,

Decorative Things,

Fake things,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CHOGM Fashion Booklet

The Client request: 'Another Summit Fashion Booklet' but with Bamboo.
WE added some diversity to it!

The cover is a die cut and embossed cover.
I did a bold two colour graphic using the rough shapes of the bamboo leaves.

We got a Chinese bamboo brush that Alicia used to make a wide range of brush strokes with ink and I used these to create the graphic background.

The inside layout maintained the same clean editorial look, but in exciting full colour to complement the fashion and the energy in our Caribbean aesthetic and style!

Company: Abovegroup
Photography: Wyatt Gallery

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WORK- 'FREELANCE' or NOT.. Illustrations for CHOGM

'Temple drawing for CHOGM Performance'
I used to hate doing freelance work.

My co-workers at the Ad agency used to do a lot and I'd stay away from it like the plague!

I dreaded dealing with clients, coming home to have to do 'more work' and running down people for money was never my cup of tea.

Now my feelings on freelance and even it's title has changed.

Personal Projects are becoming the only work I get to do and JUST DO.

It's me and the work and whether I spend just four intense hrs on it or days or weeks, I am giving it my all and it's untainted by too many comments, someone else's style being shoved down my throat or someone straight up telling me WHAT TO DO or what to copy and me wanting to scream…

Whether it's an identity for someone, Guest designing a Draconian Switch Editorial or Illustrations for a project or even if I am working with other people and it's true collaboration going on I'm in love with it.

And it gives me a chance to explore this idea of what 'Caribbean Design' is and not some watered down American or European version of it.

I'm glad I did the CHOGM job. It was colourful and energetic and it was in my opinion 'Trini' and I hope I did the dancers and the style justice.

Ad Agency, Design Studio, Personal work, Freelance Work- It's all WORK. But the process of some make you naturally give more even if you are not sure you'll be compensated or get recognition.

It's about the process for me and what the results from it becomes.

Hopefully it's beautiful and both you and your clients are happy and the message is sent.




I did some illustrations that were animated by Anderson Mitchell for one of the Performances for the show for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting CHOGM. It was an adaptation of the Hindu epic The Ramayana as performed by one of the great village troupes, Ravi Ji’s Prachar Kendra. The entire cast was made up of children.

I decided to do something simple but colorful illustrations to have that 'child-like' appeal yet still have some of that texture and hand done energy that is natural to me.

See my illustrations below and the link to the guardian article by Rubadiri Victor.