Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today for Tomorrow's Clowns-In Progress...

Drawings...There's a lot of things on my mind.

I really should finish the things I start
. But i think sometimes the amount of time you spend on something, the amount of energy you give to some projects, places, spaces, people are all that you need to give to move on to what's next.

That may seem selfish to what you left but not really. It was equally enriching. If you want more I am sorry but that's just selfish...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I FEBREZED MY DOG.. 'Just because my story keeps changing, doesn’t mean I’m not telling the truth.'

Cover Design : Marlon Darbeau
Cover Photography : Damian Libert
Editorial Design: Tanya Marie Williams

Short stories by Trinidad and Tobago copywriter, Dwight Nickolai Campbell.

In my last year working at CMB Advertising I met one more amazingly talented and brilliant mind to add to the amazing group of people I met there - A copy writer with a BA in Psychology from a University in Pennsylvania who was actually in CMB a while ago doing something else but went unnoticed till Mark White (Creative Director of CMB) came across his blog and thought Wow, you're in the wrong space!

When i met him I thought Dwight had the oddest, most dry sarcastic of personalities which I either thought was interesting and kept my mind running or I just wanted to slap him for mistaking him as insulting! (or at least I hoped it was a mistake)

While the one project I worked on with him at CMB made me quickly want to replace him!
The writing on his blog made me excited and I couldn't have been more please when Marlon Darbeau who did the cover for his book, (a few years later) asked me if I'd help and do the editorial design (ie. ALL THE FREAKING PAGES OF THE ACTUAL BOOK!) and said cheerliy in a phone conversation one night while I sat in a KFC drive thru line at Movant Junction after 8pm, just leaving work, "Aye Tanya, Dwight need the book finished tomorrow eh, He wants to go New York with it!"

While I wanted to cuss the Darbeau, I enjoyed laying out the book because Dwight's style of writing reminds me of two of my favourite writers, Malcolm Gladwell and Augusten Burroughs. And still manages to be so very surprisingly trini and global.

I'm definitely going to buy this so I can say I own his first, Because I am sure there is more to come!

"Just Because my story keeps changing doesn't mean I'm not telling the truth." - I Febrezed My Dog

You can purchase I FEBREZED MY DOG at:

And learn more and read excerpts on the facebook page:

A Great Read. Enjoy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

SMILE... a YMCA Project

"Smile" was my last Abovegroup Project in 2009 and it was one of my favourites and came with it's fair share of stress! But the results were more than worth it!

It's a Poster/ Calendar- One side is a full poster image, the other is the calendar side and there two designs with two sets of images. All the images are shot by the boys themselves. Several photography workshops were conducted by Michele Jorsling.

I was beautifully assisted in this design and image selection by Andrea Pavlovic and Khafra Rudder.

"Smiling has become difficult for boys and men, so difficult that the time has come to make this facial expression of pleasure, favor, or amusement cool again. SMILE is theme chosen for the Shoot2Live project of the YMCA’s non-violence programme, Mentouring. The project is an exploration of non-violence in the lives of boys and men, and it give the boys, who choose to participate in the interactive learning experience a chance to express themselves about challenges of boyhood as they know it, in the hope of popularizing a new boyhood and manhood characterized by non-violence. Boys and Men can smile! For more information about how you can get involved in this non-violence project, call the YMCA at 1(868) 627-7835 or 1 (868) 625-9622,, MenTouring c/o YMCA Benbow Road Off Wrightson Road PoS email:"

(text from poster. written by Svenn Grant)