Monday, May 31, 2010


A couple of months ago I was asked to be the designer for the Red Earth Eco-Festival.

I accepted the project, very excited about the theme, “Running Water” and what I could possibly do with it.

The budget for the project was very small, which created limitations, but luckily I have an amazing resource of intelligent and talented friends to call on if intrigued enough by an idea.

I started doodling with lines and sketches that flowed, joining letters. Carefully avoiding splashy water marks or anything too contrived and overdone.

I wanted to do something that felt natural and if possible I wanted to include nature in it’s creation.

So on a early Sunday morning, Marlon, Indra, Damian and myself took a drive to the North Coast with a promise of beers and attempted to dig out the words “Running Water” in the sand by the shore and and full the dug out letters with water so Damian could shoot the water flowing throw the text......

Unfortunately, stagnant water in a hole isn’t really very ‘flowly’ and mother nature had plans of here own so after several attempts the alternative suggestion of going closer to the water’s edge and writing in the sand over and over again as the tide raised and washed it away proved to be the far better and more beautiful solution...

Damian took many stunning shoots of the sites at Blanchisseuse.
I myself was amazed at how beautiful the North Coast is, with all it’s little treasures past Maracas and I used these shoots as the base for the ad layouts to show off our nature at it’s best.

See more photos of Blanchisseuse sites below.

And the graphic for the t-shirt.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


When I was in John D studying Visual Communication Design we didn't have the amazing Macs and the up to date software.

Actually I spent the first two years no where near a computer and got my Associate Degree with just enough understanding of the working of Illustrator and Photoshop made very little sense to me.

What I learnt a lot was how to think. How to conceptualize. How to create solutions and thumbnail and doodle pages and pages and pages of ideas, until you found your most distilled solution.

I drew more then than I did in my secondary school art classes and I absorbed and understood far more about Art and visualization then.- My doodling habit started here..

We did Figure Drawing and Photography and Art History and I enjoyed these classes far more than my software classes.

I'm not the most techie person.- My current Directors are always driving me crazy by nagging me about 'keyboard short-cuts' and I get it, it makes life faster, it makes life easier, it makes taking my ideas and doodles to finished product better.- And It does...

But it doesn't make me think faster, or create faster or be any smarter or be better a designer. AND- I'm stubborn and i hate it, but I'm trying...

Drawing clears my brain of all the thoughts and ideas, helps me solves things.

I'm not the best at drawing or painting either and I wouldn't even call it my hobby. I love to do it the way I love to design.

I'm in love with process of figuring out a painting or drawing as it develops as I am with the process of creating a design.

I never know what either is going to look like till the end and I love that… That mentality is probably also why I have such a hard time telling people what my plan is or what I want to do with my life…. I'm doing it, I want to do more of it and I wan to be better at it and I want to be more successful with it but either way I'm enjoying the process.

(current sketches, notes for work, doodles, doodles in meetings, visual notes for designs and drawings in my sketchbook)

MY WEBSITE.. A Work in Progress ...coming soonish

Saturday, May 8, 2010


My room gets A LOT Of light coming in in the morning...

The computer has been on all night….
Now it's just to get back to it…

My room is very BRIGHT…
I said that before right?

(open windows)

I made my own bruschetta this morning because
I saw what 8am looks like on a Saturday and I liked it… :)

Now - work.
I have a lot of projects to get to...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Abovegroup's SHOW and TELL

Last week (Friday, May 4th) launched the debut of the identity I designed for The “Show & Tell “event Series that the Branding and Design agency I work at – (Abovegroup), puts on ever so monthlyish..


I”ve been laboring over this logo for what seems like forever. And finally the event that just held it’s 8th showing finally found its brand identity!

The Show and Tell Identity

Every “Show and Tell” Alicia Milne (our resident Maker) creates lovely creative installations to represent each guest and theme. And at this event she along with the help of my other co-workers painted the logo on the wall in a design for the Michael Deibert, Haiti Special.

Show+Tell tonight-'Haiti'
Abovegroup's Show&Tell now has a logo and this is the first wall piece with the identity incorporated which was done by our very invaluable Maker Alicia Milne with help from Khafra Rudder for our last event, journalist Michael Deibert, on Haiti.

Signs posted at various points at the Fernandes Industrial Centre, Laventille, where the event took place on Friday.

WATCH the Wall Art Stop Motion Animation done for Show & Tell, Michael Deibert Special done by Khafra Rudder. HERE

See Event Photos Here!

Abovegroup - Show & Tell is a monthly(ish) event hosted by Abovegroup at our studio in Building 7, Fernandes Industrial Centre. Each event features a short presentation each session by at least one group or individual on a point of interest in any of the following disciplines: Graphic Design / Photography / Advertising / Branding / Writing / Poetry / Illustration / Architecture / Interior Design / Furniture Design / Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning / Typography / Identity / Chocolate Blending / Spirit Blending / Publishing / Fashion Design / Retail Design / Jewellery / Sculpture / Music / Film / Animation / Fine Arts /Pottery / just about anything else. Work can be commercial, non-commercial, published, conceptual, personal, whatever. Admission is free and the atmosphere is easy.