Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WHY AM I A DESIGNER?- 'The Caribbean Aesthetic??'

People keep throwing around the idea of 'The Caribbean Aesthetic’— I don’t know what the fuck that is but I know that I am Caribbean. I know that I am a Trinidadian Graphic Designer and Artist and I am influenced by everything I explore and everything that is inappropriately thrust upon me via unwelcomed intrusion.

This creates my ‘Caribbean Aesthetic’.

Why am I a Designer?

Because I believe that progress is required and solutions should be relevant.

Not an intrusion of the society it exists in, but Compliment it.

Designer Girl....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


flashings, lights, flashings, lights, ......

flashings, lights, flashings, lights, ......

"Psychedelic ain't she!"

Check out the Artzpub blog while we work out the new website!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why am I a Designer?- Because I Love Collaboration

There are great things about working with friends— Especially friends that I like and respect a lot.

Whether it's a project started by being given a cryptic message from a designer friend stating, "Your project- Which you are going to accept is to redesign my online magazine identity and website. Do as you Please!" (loved that-ha!) —Result: Artzpub/Draconian Switch

Or — Working with another designer colleague on their website and sending files back and forth and actually working together on the computer at meetings over coffee taking the mouse from each other...

I’ve never wanted to work alone.

I love the collaborative energy of people— What they bring to the creative table, how they influence what I do and how I influence what they do.

The synergy is addictive and fun and the projects become an energetic buzz of ideas!


Why am I a designer?— Because I love what I do even when I hate it. Because inherently, I love to solve problems and because I refuse to accept what I’m given.

Designer Girl....

“True Power as a designer comes when we realise that to solve any problem we will work with many partners,collaborators,even co-conspirators” -AIGA Design Process

Saturday, October 9, 2010

TANYADOL'S Sketchbook

Committing to the sketchbook again so I can do developmental work
towards my final paintings.

You can see the journey as it unfolds through my twitter account.
(along with other random thoughts and pics of what's going on via my crackberry)

mobile upload

mobile upload

Untitled Beauties...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Take care of me - He says he wants to 'Take care of me',

What does that mean? - You wanna put me in a house and mine me?

You wanna hug me whenever I'm sad?
You plan to come to my rescue whenever I'm hurt?
What does that mean?

I wanna take care of me.
I know I'm bad at it.
But I want you to see that I can do it all by myself

Take care of me.

- Lost puppy.