Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Somethings Old, Somethings New

(Disappointment 2010 Mixed Media. Digitally Finished)

(Disappointment 2010 Original)

These below were done around 2006.

(Untitled 2006)

(Paper Dols 2006)

(Ballerinas 2006)

You can see the paintings and drawings I used to do in 2006 in my issue of Draconian Switch Here...
I'm working on combining styles of the past and the present..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Identity Design- The Show&Tell logo

photo from Abovegroup Ogilvy by Kibwe Brathwaite.

The Show & Tell logo for Abovegroup is proving to be one of those 'little-Big' projects.
The kind of projects that at the moment all you were thinking was,
'I just want to do something really nice and simple...'
Now it's grown on you to become one of your 'Little-Big-Proud-Achievements', solely because of collaboration and working with an incredibly talented team of individuals.

We just wrapped our last Show&Tell and I was really impressed with the wall installation and once again just as impressed with photographer Kibwe Brathwaite and his stunning shots of the work in progress and the final shots of the installation.

Checkout a few of my favourite designs for Show&Tell installations designed by
Alicia Milne
Marlon Darbeau, Alex Smailes and assisted by the rest of the team.
Look out for the next Show&Tell!

All photography shown below was taken by Kibwe Brathwaite

Show&Tell 'Tech_Styles'

Show&Tell 'Visual Swim'

Show&Tell 'Visual Swim'

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The New Artzpub/Draconian Switch Website Design

Designer: Tanya Marie Williams

Web-development: Anderson Mitchell /BleedArt

Draconian Switch is run by a core collective comprising of;

Designer/Publisher: Richard Rawlins

Editor/Filmaker: Mariel Brown

Designer: Tanya Williams

Designer: Marlon Darbeau

WebDesigner: Anderson Mitchell

Photographers:Rodell Warner and Damian Libert

Draconian Switch is a collaborator in the Alice Yard

artspace initiative.

Draconian Switch is an Art and Design e-magazine published in Trinidad AND TOBAGO by Richard Rawlins with the collaboration of a group of artists, designers, and writers, many of whom work in the advertising industry. Each issue can be downloaded as a PDF, and the online archive also includes several one-off artists' publications.

THE MAGAZINE features the work of CONTEMPORARY artists, designers, writers and creators all currently working in Trinidad and Tobago or with GLOBAL Caribbean connections.

It's like all new and emerging forms of expression is a work in progress. What you get from it is entirely up to you.

The magazine is very much a designer's publication, with the style of the presentation of the art and commentary changing not just from issue to issue but often from page to page. It's art, interpreting art and framing words about art and the artistic impulse.- Mark Lyndersay Bit Depth 691

Please feel free to download this eMag, and pass onto friends.

Post a link on your websites and look out for future issues.

Join the facebook group for current updates Here

Follow the Artzpub Blog Here

“I really enjoyed working on the redesign of Artzpub/Draconian Switch.

I love the Art, I love Caribbean Contemporary Art and I love Design!

The opportunity to work on this project and be a part of Artzpub is a very fulfilling experience for me.

Being completely comfortable and happy with the people involved also makes it great because we’re all friends.

These kinds of projects are priceless opportunities to be involved in the making of something with purpose.- With a life that can go anywhere. –It was fun!” - Tanya Marie Williams, Designer Girl.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

COMMUNITY....Alice Yard:A Work in Progress

Click here to: Watch the Alice Yard: Work In Progress on Vimeo

I recently wrote about 'Sharing with Designers' and how much it means to me...

I am a very passionate person and I love working with people that share that passion.

People that create things out of nothing but ideas,
People that do things because they love it and that is WHAT THEY WANT TO DO.

I don't know a lot of people who have had things handed to them.

I only know hard workers and I am incredibly inspired by that.

I sat in Alice Yard last week while friends and co-workers and co-collaborators and co-conspirators worked through the night, preparing for the Global Africa Exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design in New York and took some behind the scenes shots as I wrote a mini essay about the experience in my blackberry...

They've put together a video on Alice Yard and featured some of the images I shared with you all before.

I think I've watched it like 10times already, thinking Alice Yard is such an Awesome space!

It really is that free and open creative space that you can go 'Do things!'

I am Tanya Marie Williams. I AM A GRAPHIC DESIGNER.

Identity Design for the online Arts&Design Magazine and Blog: ARTZPUB/DRACONIAN SWITCH

Artzpub/Draconian Switch Business cards

Artzpub/Draconian Switch Logo design

Draconian Switch Logo Design

Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Illustrations between painting..

My graphic Identity is a work in progress...

These illustrations are based on parts of paintings I've done in the past
and old sketchbook illustrations.

The graphic symbol for 'Dol' is still in progress...

Hopefully you'll be seeing the new Dol tag on t-shirts by Christmas.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

'Sharing' with Designer and Artist Friends.

There’s a good reason why the friends I have are my friends.

— I don’t call everyone that.

My friends are part of a huge, fabulous exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design in New York in two weeks.

Last night I sat in Alice Yard in Woodbrook , Trinidad and watched as they took pictures of the products and installation art they designed for the show before they were shipped off for display until 2013.

One of these friends I’ve known for almost 10years, the other about 5years (a former boss of sorts and creator of Artzpub) and the third an older contemporary artist I’ve admired for a long time, even before I understood his work.

Even the photographer, Damian Libert is a friend. – A photographer, an animator, a videographer. — A Great person.

I sat on the damp concrete floors of Alice Yard till after 11pm, taking pictures and talking, but mostly quietly observing and writing much of this note in my phone.

As I watched and laughed, I forgot about how upsetting the day was.

I forgot how difficult the project at work had become and how emotionally tiring being ‘the Designer Girl’ can sometimes be…

At that moment I was just happily enjoying sharing in this moment of pre-exhibit excitement.

I was so proud and inspired.

These are the cool moments that only I can find cool and that the friends I share these moments with can find cool.

...I am happy to know them....

Chritopher Cozier's 'Made In China'

I am not exhibiting at the great M.A.D.

I am a Graphic Designer in a small design studio in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.

A self-taught artist and illustrator, an in general – constantly evolving, creative talent.

— A simple, stubborn, hungry, ‘Designer Girl’

And my friends are all Trinis, exhibiting in the Global Africa Project

at the Museum of Art and Design in New York.- One of the most anticipated shows of the fall exhibit season.

And I am sharing in this amazing moment with them.

Sitting on the cold damp floor in Alice Yard, Trinidad.

Marlon Darbeau's 'Peera'