Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Designer Mashup of only 9years of work!

This facebook album contains samples of my portfolio of work over the course of my 9 years in the Advertising, Design and Branding Industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

From being a Graphic Designer at: CMB Advertising.

A Senior Designer and Art Director at: Abovegroup Design and Branding Studio.

And Projects of my own.

Advertising work includes: TDC, First Citizens, Standards, ClICO..

Design, Branding and Website Design for: Meiling, North Eleven, YMCA, Sirocco, The Trinidad Film Festival, Inside Carnival, Immortelle Beauty, Secret Bay Luxury Eco Resort In Dominica...

Work for groups such at Artzpub/Draconian Switch, Indigroove, Red Earth Eco Festival.

You're very welcome to a closer peak at my facebook album here.

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