Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Making Local Brands Beautiful"

2010 finished with some great projects, some hard projects and some very fun ones as well and 2011 continued that trend at the start with the repositioning of Immortelle Beauty. 
A beauty product for the Caribbean woman.

We created a brand identity and package design which combined the culture of the Caribbean with international cosmetic quality.

Abovegroup Ogilvy started work on this project in 2010 with an intensive brand analysis by the strategy team and then conceptualising the design began.

We wanted to design a logo that had some of the quirks of an organic feel but was strong and modern so as to hold the brand together and make it timeless.
We turned to strong typography that was tailored for the brand. And in keeping the corporate material clean, we went for quality paper; white with just one accent colour from the colour palette and we created a custom die scalloped trim for the stationery.

The scalloped trim was inspired by the decorative fret work and dollies in older homes throughout the Caribbean.

Growing up in the Caribbean, the beach on a weekend is a known pass time to relax and rejuvenate from the week.

Dig your feet in the sand, take a dip in the ocean.

The colour palette and textures of Immortelle Beauty’s Brand was inspired by the ocean, beaches, plants; sugarcane plant, avocados, plum...

I believe in making a quality local brand look like a quality brand.

Package and presentation is important and this is why your brand is important.

This is how you look to the world.

I believe it should be as authentic as possible and as inspired by true things
and elements that represent what the brand is about.

Go here to purchase Immortelle Beauty and find out more about the brand and it's creator Kathryn Nurse

Senior Designer/Art Director: Tanya Williams
Company: Abovegroup Ogilvy
Photography: Kibwe Brathwaite
Creative Director: Marlon Darbeau

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design&travel said...

the stationery is gorgeous! love the scalloped edges.