Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Designer Week on an Island!

It's been a packed, fun week of events and work
and stresses curbed by margaritas and end of week dinners!

Earlier in the week I attended and was a part of a performance/installation at Alice Yard by Ebony Patterson

It was the most moving 'exhibit' I've been to at Alice Yard and one that really made me think about life and art and the effects and affects of it.

Ebony Patterson and Chris Cozier at Alice Yard, Artist Talk

The coffins

She encouraged the audience to help carry these beautifully decorated coffins through a procession in Woodbrook, Trinidad. While a guy pushing one of those music stands on wheels played a 3 Canal song that was voiced over with the list of the murders that happened in Trinidad while she was here. One decorated coffin for each death...

Her Artist Talk at Alice Yard after was interesting and provocative and she spoke so clearly of her work that it engaged the audience who expressed their honest feelings about how 'the walk' made them feel...

See Andre Bagoo's write up on the moving event on PleasureTT


Show& Tell 15: Shifting Spaces, Transcend - One Fabulously fun night!

artist Wendell Mc Shine
and Photographer Wyatt Gallery on 'Tent Life: Haiti"

(photo by Abovegroup Ogilvy)

Wyatt at Show&Tell 15
(photo by Abovegroup Ogilvy)

(photo by Abovegroup Ogilvy)

I had fun! I came a bit late, so I missed the early socialising but I got there just as the talks started!

Wyatt took us through his journey of images and previewed his film based on his journey through Haiti with friends and Wendell did a live painting on the door of the famed Callaloo company (Peter Minshal's Mas Camp), while DJ Shy Guy spinned his tunes!

Wendell Mc Shine in action

a section of the socialising crowd at Show&Tell

The Guys! ... 'Designer Boy Blayne'

Creative Director and Product Designer 'Startbeau' : Marlon Darbeau
(No That's not my damn hat! He has his own!)

Miss LM Brown and myself at Show&Tell

Girls will be Girls.... and as such, we take pictures of ourselves
at events cause that's what we do!

White Wine and Rum in paper cups is classy as hell!


Now Wake your Ass up and Go To WORK!

coffee and cake..

A little extra sugar is sometimes needed to get through the day.
Whether you partied or limed the night before or it's just one of those days...

Cotton Candy is fantastic to! Ask our photographer Kibwe!

Drugs are So...

Photographer Swag at Show&Tell..

If the extra sugar doesn't work... a lunch time margarita will do the trick for the days where the industry is really pissing you the hell off and you need a get away...

A Friday afternoon... Heading into Port of Spain to end the week...

On Friday evening I had fantastical Sushi diner with a fantastical friend Ayanna.
Cause some 'girl time' getaway was needed
with some good food and good conversation.

More Sugar! ... Desert- YUM!

Then we met up with the guys from work at the usual watering hole- Drink Wine bar...

... (where the ambiance often wins over the prices... )

Heading home at 6am... Over the hills into Santa Cruz..
6am is so pretty for so early... often I am however not up before 8am
so the air was a nice change...

(Abovegroup Ogilvy photos by Kibwe Brathwaite- See more event photos here)

It wouldn't be a party on an island if a pot-hound wasn't present!

Good nite :)


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