Monday, March 21, 2011

Favourite Girl

I used to write.... I wrote this a VERY, VERY long time ago and i came across it in my facebook notes along with a few other old ass things I wrote in emotional rants that made me jump and shudder, thinking *Fuck! I wrote that shit on facebook!* Jah! Damn immaturity! :/.....

Anyway, This one I'm glad I came across. It made me smile when I was just crying my eyes out. It always makes me smile.

Favourite Girl.

Sad Eyes

Funny I thought I was being
I thought I was being a BITCH.

So I was told.

Said I was skanily CUTE,
- Glad I could be of service,

Told him I was versatile,

Not flexible,
But if he was
I was willing to try anything.

I don’t only wear one shoe,

One of the best things about
Being a girl is playing dress up,

This is my favourite one,

Sad eyes,
Girl chile,
What do you have to be a sad about?
You can be anything you want,

You put on a dress,
an expression,

Some makeup
and smile or cry,

Even your sad eyes can be SEXY.

Put on that new dress,

Paint your face,

Play dress up,

Today I’m your favourite girl.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trinidad Carnival, Jouvert 2011

I love Carnival!
Usually Tuesday on the road in full costume is a a Must Do for me!
But for the past two years I haven't played mas on Carnival Monday and Tuesday but this year I met up with 3Canal and played Jouvert and I had a blast!
I brought my sister along for Jouvert once again and in no time we were covered in green, black and blue paint and oil!
But as you can see in this picture the Blue took over!!!!!
..... I'm still trying to get the blue off my skin! I maybe this colour til Carnival 2012!

On a side note... I'd love to play a sexy Blue Devil one Carnival Monday:D....

Happy Carnival Everyone!