Saturday, April 30, 2011

ARC Magazine launch issue2. -'For give'

So this week ARC magazine launched it's second issue in Trinidad at Alice Yard.

It was very exciting because I finally got to meet the lovely Nadia and Holly who are the geniuses responsible for the fantastic Caribbean Arts and Culture magazine. I was interviewed for a guest profile in the magazine's first issue so I was very elated when I was asked to exhibit at the launch event.
My profile in Arc Magazine's 1st Issue

I exhibited my piece 'For give'.

'For give' is a print installation of three small flip books that displayed images that I would call a process with many layers and with many beautiful beginnings and no ends…
The covers of the books together
read 'For give' and in the last page in the 3rd book the word 'forget was written.
It is a mixed media project of layers of paint and text and photographs of the original artwork layered in prints and patterns that are symbolic. Assembled and printed on a white matte paper and spirally bound
so that the viewer can flip through the pages and leave any combination of images telling any story by the sequence of the images displayed at any moment.
I enjoyed watching people interact with the work and seeing the work of the other artist and of course meeting Holly and Nadia.

It was a great night with great vibes and a really very well attended event.
BELOW: Photos of my work on display at ARC Issue 2 Launch
( some photos from my phone and stylised, other by Kibwe Brathwaite (the better ones)
Working on my piece for ARC Exhibit.
Repainting and redrawing symbols and sketches
that each mean something different to me.

Beginning the layering process of the work to come.
Everything in layers. Everything's a process. Everything one day at a time...
'For give not because u expect the same from others,
but because that is what frees your spirit.'

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Layer Cake

"How would you define love?"

That's a good question….. I would say in several layers.
Love is cake that comes in layers.

The top layer is the most appealing one, this is the one you see first.
Then you cut into it and you see may different layers.
They are all beautiful, but some are sweeter than others.

Love is a very intense passion in one hand and a very steady level on the other.

The first layer , the one of passion is the most troublesome. God it's a pian.

Because the more you love, the more jealous you become.
You become jealous of everything, the air around the person,
the people, a look even, the way they look at something.

Then there is the extreme pleasure of writing about love as well.
This is fascinating to me.
The layer of correspondence- and anxiety to receive answers. That is great.

Finally you come to the physical layer.
The emotion of receiving and conveying pleasure is sensational.
It's unbelievable how your entire body becomes a messenger.
Your fingers, lips, eyes, smells. Your whole body becomes involved.

Then there is the layer of suffering.
Distance, remoteness, no presence, horror.
Your suffering of not seeing who you want to see, and not being with whom you love.
This is another painful aspect of love.
We are talking about pain.
All these layers define love.
I think that is why it's so great and so extremely complex.

"My life is a continual struggle, a continuous battle against vulgarity taking over."
-Massimo Vignelli (Designer)

Friday, April 22, 2011