Thursday, January 19, 2012

Design work that ended 2011

So a lot happened in 2011...

Abovegroup merged with international Advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather.

I moved from working with about 12 people to close to 60!
I became Senior Art Director.
I went back to school to pursue a new degree that led to me starting a new blog called 'Designer Island' and lots and lots of new work happened at work as well!

Below I'm sharing two other editorial designs I did in 2011 before finishing the year and starting the New Year with designing the magazine, Lookbook.

Hope your year is going pretty damn good cause mines is :)

Designed the 2012 Diary and Sourcebook for Trinidad &Tobago Institute of Architects.

Very cool clip designed by our Creative Director Marlon.

To see more of the design check out Abovegroup Ogilvy's website here.

Ministry of Public Administration Annual Report

Abovegroup Ogilvy was commissioned to design an annual report based on client provided copy. From the initial creative concept to the design & layout, Abovegroup Ogilvy also provided copyediting and print management for the entire project.

Creative Director: Marlon Darbeau
Senior Designer: Tanya Marie
Designer: Blayne Clark
Photo Editing/Designer: Roger
Photography: Alex Smailles and Kibwe Brathwaite
Copy Editing: Helen Pipins and Cheyenne Baptiste
Client Services: Monica Cupen

Meet the Team at Aboveroup Ogilvy

and lookout for updates on our Show&Tell event

all photography courtesy Abovegroup Ogilvy

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