Friday, May 4, 2012

Designer Week On An Island

The week's been fairly chill...
After a couple days home two weeks ago spent going to the beach, waterfalls, hiking with friends and Easter food, my 'back to work' mode has been kicking in slow at the office, however my freelance life has been picking up.
(work I'll share with you soon)
But I have had a few nice little outings, including a book launch I was really looking forward to!


Book Launch! 


Last week Thursday I went to the launch of the book, Pictures From Paradise',
A Survey of Contemporary Caribbean Photography.  Eighteen Artist from 7 Caribbean countries. The Launch was held at Medulla Art Gallery in Woodbrook, Trinidad.

Alex Smailes and a few of the other artist at the Book launch
 One of my directors at the branding agency I work at, Alex Smailes was in the book along with several artist I love, Holly Bynoe, Nadia Huggins of ARC Magazine. It was also designed by one of my favourite people, Richard Rawlins of Draconian Switch.

book signed by some of the artist
Not only did I go to the book launch but I also attended the Artist Talk held at the Art Gallery the next day which I really enjoyed because I got to hear some of the artist talk about their work and meet a few as well and I got my copy of the book signed.


  Martinis Please! 


 I got my martini and junk food binge on at 'Roscoes' with my good friend,  Ayanna who had just started her new job that week at another local advertising agency. (We are now sworn enemies... where martinis are not inclusive, Ha!)


Work and Food! 


Lunch from Teriyaki Express and Ayana Rivière at work in a patterned dress I want to steal!

I spent half my life at the bank this week. Organising new savings accounts and other grown up stuff.
The experience wasn't terrible luckily because the bank officer was a friendly , young helpful gentleman with a great smile and grey eyes who indulged my 'green' question but the whole process took forever so I was starving by the end and treated myself to a yummy lunch from 'Teriyaki Express', of jasmine rice, mushrooms and chicken!


Rave Reviews! 


I found out the most fantastic thing this week when I was told that the luxury Eco resort I branded in 2011, Secret Bay, was reviewed on the NBC Today show!
I did a lil happy gig in my chair because the resort is stunning and it's been getting really great reviews since it's been open. Reviews from Vogue, Travel and Lesiure, Zing Caribbean, Martha Stewart Wedding and MACO Caribbean

Secret Bay Branding


Good Life!


My Lovely week also had it's simpler joys that really was my favourite.
Which was celebrating my God-child and cousin's third birthday.
Daniel is my number one favourite person. He is a constant joy to be around, spoil and be annoyed by with his 3year old antics! —Like seeing if my last phone could swim...
His mother threw him a Sponge Bob birthday party, inclusive of underwater fun in his blow up pool and he and his cousin Andrew had the best time and all us adults had an excuse to eat too much cake and get splashed on.

It's a Good Life.

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